To Buy:

The purchase price of the belt or monitor includes full set up support and we have never failed to get users comfortable with the CareWhere monitoring system.

Our devices require the ability to communicate location data to your phone and our web-based mapping panel to which you will have a secure login. It communicates using the telecom network and there is a service charge for this. In year one this is included in the purchase price.

Pricing: £299.99 to buy.

This includes all year one data and panel service costs.

Subsequent years are charged at £99.99 per year for data, management panel, live phone monitoring etc.

Please contact us if you have any questions on pricing.

Local Authorites / Clinical Commissioning Groups, Care Homes etc.
Please call or email Andy Stuart on the details below to discuss requirements. We will be able to structure a package to suit your needs.

Telephone: 01442 877796

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