Local Authority - and care home packages

Through discussions with care professionals in both the private and public sector we recognise that the needs here are often very specific to the user or the care home. We take a completely flexible approach to what is required and can tailor a solution for you. Please contact or e-mail us directly.
01442 877796.

CareWhere Model

We work on the following principles:

  • That the carers should to be the first contact point for any need the user has.
  • That all alerts should be sent directly from the device to the carer's mobile phone or care home monitoring system.
  • That the carers should have direct access to both phone and computer locating systems whenever needed.

The monitoring belt will provide alert messages as required to designated mobile phones or a computer. The belt is not in a constant reporting mode, as it doesn’t need to be - it is often the case that the wearer can lead a normal active life without the intrusion of being tracked.

All capability is delivered into the hands of those closest to and most able to respond quickly to the wearer, whether it is a care home or members of the family.